Impeccable Listening

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #767

“One of the most powerful drivers of customer delight is simply listening, and responding to complaints and suggestions. A company’s commitment to listen and respond proves that it values its customers and takes care of them – basic requirements for any good relationship.”

–Fred Reichheld, The Ultimate Question 2.0




  1. Eric Abramson says:

    As always, I enjoy receiving these emails. This one in particular resonates with me as I often tell my guys that dealing with the problem head-on is the quickest and most expeditious way to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. It’s often the customers who are the most upset who become our greatest advocates as long as we acknowledge their concerns. No matter how small or how big the issue may seem, what is usually at the root of the problem is communication. Keep up the great work Steve!

  2. You said it, Eric. Thank you for adding your thoughts and experience.

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