Impeccable Response

Customer Experience Tip #1027

There’s an important difference between reacting and responding. The former requires almost no time and very little thought. The latter requires a little more time (could be seconds or days) and a level of emotional maturity. When a customer conversation/situation gets challenging, be sure to give yourself enough time to respond … rather than react.




  1. As a coach, I had two sr. execs who were at odds with one another and how they conducted business. One is reactionary, quick, and emotive… The other places emphasizes a thoughtful Response. Once I pointed out the differences, both realized that they needed to pause in the moment to consider what the situation called for – an immediate action or a planned response. Both decided to catch themselves in the moment and take a more cognizant approach to dealing with the situation at hand!


  1. […] While e-mail comes with its inherent challenges as a communication tool, it can serve you well as a time buffer allowing you to gather your thoughts. Before you react to a message hastily, take a breath, take a walk, bounce an idea off of a coworker. You might just tend to respond … rather than react. […]

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