Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #1526

“One thing I love about customers is that they are divinely discontent. Their expectations are never static — they go up. It’s human nature.” —Jeff Bezos

Impeccable Recovery

Customer Experience Tip #1525

When someone is expressing disappointment with the service they’ve received, they are looking at — and sensing — your reactions. Are you concerned, disappointed, annoyed, frustrated, angry, empathetic, etc. And are you demonstrating any of these things for them (the customer) … or for your own team? Choose empathy … for the customer. That’s what is needed most in that moment.

Impeccable Expertise

Customer Experience Tip #1524

Your customer should not know more about your product or service than you. Be their expert, so you can be their guide.

Impeccable Response

Customer Experience Tip #1523

Your customer will feel anything but complete if you’ve only said, “I don’t know.” It cannot end there. While it’s OK to not know something, it’s not OK to leave it at that. Offer to find their answer, or at least offer to warmly guide them to someone who is likely to possess the answer.

Impeccable Details

Customer Experience Tip #1522

There are so many (seemingly) little things you do for your customers and clients that can serve to prove your integrity. Honor your word on the small stuff and eventually they’ll trust you on the big stuff.

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1521

“Stop interrupting your customers & start interacting with them instead.” –Ghergich&Co.

Impeccable Fit

Customer Experience Tip #1520

If you’re not a lover of people and providing service, then you don’t belong in a role that is based on serving people. It really is that simple. And it’s OK. This isn’t for everyone. There’s a much better fit for you doing something else, perhaps even within your current company. Challenge yourself to go and find it.

Impeccable Professionalism

Customer Experience Tip #1519

You wouldn’t want your ambulance driver rubbernecking to see the bad accident on the other side of the highway. After all, his job is to be focused on serving you! That may be an extreme example, but don’t get caught up in things like work gossip or that irate customer who’s being handled by your coworker 25 feet away … while you’re helping someone else. Keep it professional. Your focus should be be on the one you’re with.

Impeccable Intuition

Customer Experience Tip #1517

When it comes to detecting an employee’s bad attitude towards customers and clients, it’s best to trust your intuition. This is especially true if you’re in a business where your customers don’t feel safe in sharing their truth (about your unkind employee) for fear of repercussion/retaliation (e.g., hospitality, medical, financial, etc.).

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1516

Do you know what’s worse than sending people to a (cold) “info@___________” email address? Having that email address result in a complete dead end. Engage. Use real names, with real people ready to respond.