Impeccable Mission

Customer Experience Tip #1600

“Show up… when you are expected to, in a helpful way, with a positive attitude, seeking to help create a great customer experience. Do that well and you’ve already started to separate yourself from your competition, and you have a better chance of having me as a lifetime customer. Done poorly, your ‘lowest price guarantee’ is worthless to me.” –Pete Smith, Smith Impact

Impeccable Approach

Customer Experience Tip #1599

It’s good to be an expert on your product/service and it’s important to be kind. That said, a lack of expertise can be forgiven. A lack of kindness … not so much.

Impeccable Hiring

Customer Experience Tip #1598

Whenever you find yourself in that dilemma of choosing between two job candidates — neither of whom appear to be the ideal fit — always remember your third option: keep looking. #Don’tForceIt #CultureFit #Don’tSettle #WorthTheWait #CustomerExperienceAptitudeMatters

Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #1597

It is — of course — important to provide help when asked. A really important part of your job (and a powerful differentiator), though, is being aware and noticing when someone might need that help and offering it proactively.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1596

Are you still employing someone largely based on your fear of how they will react to being terminated? If so, you are: 1) delaying the inevitable and potentially compounding the reaction you fear; 2) making the other (good) employees suffer longer; 3) likely undermining your company culture and customer experience by keeping a misfit on your team. #SetThemFree

Impeccable Perceptions

Customer Experience Tip #1595

“You can say what you want about who you are, but people believe what they experience.”

–Jack Mackey

Impeccable Professionalism

Customer Experience Tip #1594

If you see a training opportunity unfolding in front of you in real time (i.e., at the expense of the customer), refrain from displaying an ounce of frustration about that teammate’s shortcomings. Instead, step in, help out, and say to your teammate (with a supportive smile) nothing more than, “Let’s you and I get together later today so I can help you navigate these types of things.” #Kindness #Professionalism #OnStage

Impeccable E-mailing

Customer Experience Tip #1593

When a customer receives a message from your team member whom they’ve never heard of (e.g. the FROM line only says “John Doe”), they are likely to dismiss it or even mark it as SPAM even before opening it. If there are people in your organization who regularly e-mail customers (and whose names would be unfamiliar to those customers), then your company name should at least follow the individual’s name (e.g. “John Doe, XYZ INC.). This way, the customer will more likely view the message as familiar and important.

Impeccable Hiring

Customer Experience Tip #1592

If you’re not hiring people who love to be (and know how to be) of service to others, then it’s not likely they will be impressing your customers … let alone WOWing them. Hire people who already have this stuff “in their DNA.”

Impeccable Rapport

Customer Experience Tip #1591

When a customer has done their homework and made an effort to understand your industry, assume that they also have a need and a willingness to learn from you … and remember to compliment them for being smart and further ahead than most.