Impeccable Integrity

Customer Experience Tip #1672

Do you want your customers and prospects to trust you with “The big stuff?” You must first demonstrate that can come through for them on the small stuff. Make seemingly small promises about follow-up (like a promise to check in on them the following day) … and then keep those promises. #BuildingTrustOverTime #DemonstratingIntegrity

Impeccable Languaging

Customer Experience Tip #1671

Warm it up. When communicating with customers, refer to your coworkers and support staff as teams … not just departments.


I will send this to the service department.” becomes: “I am having our service team look into this for you.”

Let me check with accounting.” becomes: “I will have our accounting team review this and get back to you by Thursday.”


Impeccable Focus

Customer Experience Tip #1670

When a customer is “venting” about their less-than-favorable experience with your team, don’t let your mind wander so much to those who dropped the ball that you spend all of your energy and focus (and anger) there. You’ll risk what matters most: What your customer needs in that moment is great listening, a possible solution, and — perhaps most importantly — an apology.

Impeccable Loyalty

Customer Experience Tip #1669

Be the type of person — and design the type of experience — that leaves people feeling that it would be unwise to ever even consider one of your competitors.

Impeccable Hiring

Customer Experience Tip #1668

“If you cannot see sharing a 5-hour car ride together, perhaps you shouldn’t be hiring that candidate.” –Adam Shampaine, CEO of Homefix Custom Remodeling

Impeccable Acknowledgment

Customer Experience Tip #1667

Remember that when a customer chooses to move forward with you and your company, that’s a gift. They have choices. They chose you. Act accordingly.

Impeccable Languaging

Customer Experience Tip #1666

When you find a customer word track that just works consistently, formalize it as a script and repeat the process … without sounding scripted.

Impeccable Communication

Customer Experience Tip #1665

E-mail is great for certain things and not others. You must know when it’s time to simply pick up the phone and have a conversation with that customer.

Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #1664

“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.” –John Russell, Harley Davidson

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1663

Nobody likes a “one-upper” or a “me monster.” You could use what you just heard that customer say in order to share your own story … or you could continue to ask thoughtful questions and remain curious about the other person. Which approach do you believe works best for building rapport? Be a great listener.