Impeccable Marketing

Customer Experience Tip #1318

Always test out your web links before going “live” — those in your e-mail signature, on your web site, in your e-mail campaigns, etc. You should be catching bad links proactively instead of having to hear about it from your customers.

Impeccable Responsiveness

Customer Experience Tip #1317

When a client is upset, give them enough time to cool off but not so much time that you allow things to fester. Every situation is unique and you must find balance in your timing.

Impeccable Insight

Customer Experience Tip #1316

“There is no better crystal ball to see your company’s future than your happiest customers. And if you can leverage your champion customers properly, it opens up a world of growth for your company.” –Christine James

Impeccable Service Recovery

Customer Experience Tip #1315

Sincere apologies are critical in recovering from a negative experience. Try this next time:

“I am embarrassed and I am terribly sorry you had to experience that. I have let you down and I take full responsibility. If I were in your shoes, I’d likely feel the same way.”

Impeccable Listening

Customer Experience Tip #1314

You have customers who believe they know exactly how you should be running your business. Don’t be so quick to judge. Instead, lend an ear to that. Hear them out. The need to feel heard. They need to feel smart, important, and valued. And who knows, they might actually be onto something with their idea(s).

Impeccable Empathy

Customer Experience Tip #1313

“Empathy is the hard part. The rest is mechanics. We’re not wired to walk in someone else’s shoes, it’s not our first instinct. Showing up with empathy is difficult, hard to outsource and will wear you out. But it’s precisely what we need from you.”

–Seth Godin

Impeccable Expertise

Customer Experience Tip #1312

Critical thinking in your arena — while it likely comes naturally to you — feels like WORK to your customer. Do as much of the critical thinking as possible FOR your customers. You’ll be making their lives easier and less stressful, and for that you’ll be rewarded with their loyalty and their referrals.

Impeccable Responsiveness

Customer Experience Tip #1311

“I’ve just been super busy!” is not an acceptable nor customer-centric excuse for a delayed response to a phone call or e-mail. Things happen. We get it. Apologize sincerely, and leave out the lame catch-all excuses.

Impeccable Intuition

Customer Experience Tip #1310

“My biggest regrets are the moments that I let a lack of data override my intuition on what’s best for our customers.” –Andrew Mason, Groupon

Impeccable Feedback

Customer Experience Tip #1309

It’s not enough to track feedback formally. We must also have a system for capturing things informally, through everyday customer conversations … the bad AND the good.