Impeccable Recovery

Customer Experience Tip #1650

Ever say, “We don’t have other customers experiencing this type of challenge,” or “I don’t normally get complaints about your salesperson?” When a customer has a complaint and you’re calling to recover and make things right, you mustn’t say anything that could be construed as defensive or in-denial. These types of statements might make you feel better, but know that it only takes away from any intended sense of partnership you’re hoping to establish for this recovery.

Impeccable Care

Customer Experience Tip #1649

“Often, it’s not a single performance issue that causes clients to go elsewhere; it’s an overriding feeling about the quality of care.” –Howard J. Wolff

Impeccable Fit

Customer Experience Tip #1648

If you cannot be a “cheerleader” for your company then maybe you’re working for the wrong company. When you get with the right company — one that you can be proud of and promote — everybody wins: the company, its customers … and YOU! #SquarePegRoundHole #FindYourHome

Impeccable E-mailing

Customer Experience Tip #1647

“Dear VIOLET” [you must not be all that “dear” to me, seeing as my salutation makes this communication look like a (cold) templated form letter that’s likely reaching you … and thousands of others] Templated messages don’t have to look like … templated messages. Stop using ALL CAPS – or all lower case, for that matter – when inputting customer names in your database. #LittleThingBigThing #DetailsMatter

Impeccable Telephoning

Customer Experience Tip #1646

“Use your prospect’s name, but … Don’t overdo it. Using their name near the beginning and near the end signals that you are not merely reading from a generic script. Use it too many times and you won’t come across as genuine.”

–Bill Cates, The Referral Coach

Impeccable Rapport

Customer Experience Tip #1645

Scripting (prepared word tracks to foster customer engagement) can be useful as long as you remember these critical points: 1) practice until you feel you’ve made those words your own; feel natural (they cannot sound scripted); 2) one size does not fit all (if you’re following a script or word track, it must be tailored to each customer’s style); 3) be customer-centric (you’re speaking with another human being — most importantly, appreciate the opportunity at hand, acknowledge the human being engaging with you, be kind, be respectful, and put their best interests before your own agenda).

Impeccable Languaging

Customer Experience Tip #1644

Your words imply something to each prospect and customer. Your words paint a picture, they tell people who you are and how you see the world … even how you see them. These words can work to portray you as being egocentric … or customer-centric. Choose your words wisely.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1643

“Culture is a magnet — it attracts and repels simultaneously.” –Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology

Impeccable E-mailing

Customer Experience Tip #1642

In your away message (auto-responder), you can be short and to the point (“I am out of the office and will be returning on Wednesday.”) or you can warm it up with a little detail. And that little detail matters — Saying “I will be enjoying the four-day weekend,“ isn’t as warm (and humanizing) as saying “We will be taking our little ones to an ice show and visiting with cousins. I hope you will be doing something fun as well! I return to the office on Wednesday and look forward to connecting with you then.“

Impeccable Rapport

Customer Experience Tip #1641

If your client has already introduced him/herself by using their first name, there is no need for you to then use the terms “sir” or “ma’am.” By doing so, you are abandoning a very basic rapport-building nuance that was just given to you BY the client. #USEtheirName