Impeccable Acknowledgment

Customer Experience Tip #1481

Don’t deny that the customer/patient/student has a problem. If they think they have a problem, they have a problem. It might be that your job is to help them see (over time) that the thing that’s bothering them isn’t actually a problem, but denying the problem doesn’t de-escalate it.” –Seth Godin

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1480

The better your questions, the better your intel. The better your intel, the better equipped you’ll be to tailor experiences to each individual.

Impeccable Interactions

Customer Experience Tip #1479

Hi-touch is making a comeback. Your customers are craving more human interactions. Is your customer experience too hi-tech? Does it help in fostering the loyalty you’re after?

Impeccable Languaging

Customer Experience Tip #1478

Saying “I’m sorry you felt that way.” is very different from saying, “I’m sorry I came across that way.” In other words, you can put the onus on the other person … or you can take full responsibility for their perception of you. You can already guess which response helps to save client relationships and which one works to undermine rapport.

Impeccable Observation

Customer Experience Tip #1477

If a customer looks like she might need help, just assume that she does. Step 1: Approach, smile, and make eye contact. Step 2: Offer help.

Impeccable Reactions

Customer Experience Tip #1476

“You don’t turn your back after the transaction. You stay with it until I know how you feel … and that’s what I have to manage. And all the product is or the service is, is a vehicle to achieve that reaction.” –Jon Taffer

Impeccable Telephoning

Customer Experience Tip #1475

Remember, they could’ve called your competitor instead. Before hanging up the phone with that new customer, pause and let them know how grateful you are for their call; for the opportunity to serve them.

Impeccable Telephoning

Customer Experience Tip #1474

Each and every time you answer the telephone, be sure that you’re doing so in a friendly way that is not rushed; in a way that the caller understands every word of your greeting. Doing this will make a subtle promise of care and patience. After all, you are making a first impression and setting the tone for the rest of that call … and perhaps the rest of that relationship.

Impeccable Innovation

Customer Experience Tip #1473

What’s the one thing your customers would say is the most difficult thing about doing business with you? Now, what can you do to fix that and better their experience?

Impeccable Perspective

Customer Experience Tip #1472

When your coworkers arrive on Monday and complain about a customer experience they endured over the weekend, discuss how you can ensure — as a team — that nothing like that would happen within your own organization … to your customers and clients.