Impeccable Shift

Customer Experience Tip #1410

“The Web has helped usher in a shift from an organization-centric universe to a customer-centric one.” –Gerry McGovern

Impeccable Languaging

Customer Experience Tip #1409

When speaking of your significant other, instead of referring to them as wife/husband/partner/etc., use their name. (EX: “Over the weekend, Maggie and I were discussing…” vs. “Over the weekend, my wife and I were discussing…” — feel the difference?) To your clients and prospects, you will immediately feel more friendly and connected.

Impeccable E-mailing

Customer Experience Tip #1408

Be mindful of which logos/links you’re consistently placing in your e-mail signature block. Are those awards and accolades adding value for your customers … or is it an ego stroke; more about you than them?

Impeccable Partnership

Customer Experience Tip #1407

Dealing with upset customers is never fun. One effective way to stay ahead of complaints is to keep the relationship solid and strong by demonstrating partnership. Along their journey, your customers should be made to feel that you’re on their side; that you’re doing their critical thinking for them; that you’ve thought of everything — they should completely feel taken care of. Deliver this kind of experience and watch the complaining fizzle away.

Impeccable Responsiveness

Customer Experience Tip #1406

Become known for your quick response times on customer e-mails/texts/calls … by consistently delivering quick responses — even if it’s only to say, “I’m looking into that for you and expect to have an answer by ________.” Customers value speed and responsiveness and this can easily set you apart from your competition.

Impeccable Posture

Customer Experience Tip #1405

“I have to be kind, not nice. Being nice doesn’t support anything. Being kind means being real.”

–Bo Burlingham, Bestselling Author of Small Giants

Impeccable Communication

Customer Experience Tip #1404

You might use a unique language (industry terms, acronyms, slang) within your office. Remember to INSTEAD use “customer speak” … when speaking with customers.

Impeccable Environment

Customer Experience Tip #1403

How does your firm smell? (Strange question?) Enter many modern hotels and you’ll notice a pleasant piped-in aroma. Enter a model home and you might smell fresh-baked cookies (which they are hoping you’ll equate with “home,” by the way). Consider taking measures to be intentional enough about creating pleasant smells … or at least work to avoid the offensive ones.

Impeccable Recovery

Customer Experience Tip #1402

You can either be an expert excuse-maker OR you can own the problem. You can’t do both. Well you could, but consider how the customer will ultimately perceive you … as an excuse-maker (who took responsibility, but not without making an excuse).

Impeccable Appreciation

Customer Experience Tip #1401

Remember the “little” people as your business grows. In any successful business, it’s easy to appreciate the clients responsible for considerable amounts of business volume. It’s also easy to forget those clients who took a chance on you in those early days, many of whom are the folks exhibiting great loyalty, and also trust you with their referrals. So, as it turns out, they might not be so “little” after all. Express your appreciation of them — do it for them, do it for your team/culture, and do it for yourself.