Goal Setting


goalsAfter writing “The 5 Proven Steps to Achieving ALL of Your Goals” and “You Are The Average Sum of The 5 People You Associate With Most,” the response was so great that I decided to create this page for you.

Understanding that many of us want to receive our information in bite-sized nuggets, here are several quick tips to help you with your goal setting.



The 8 Most Common Goal-Setting Mistakes

…and How to Avoid Them

    • We think that we’re on our own: Join or start a goal-setting group (or recruit at least one goal-setting partner) for accountability. Surround yourself with successful people.
    • We’re vague at best: Be specific. What do you want … specifically? Write down what you DO want and stay away from the words that represent that which you don’t. Choose words that sound and feel inspiring.
    • We’re not introspective enough: Get clear on why you want what you want.
    • We have no timeline: A goal without an assigned/projected completion date is simply a “to-do.” Place a specific completion date on each goal and action step. Assign a time to everything and place it on your calendar (rather than creating to-do lists). If it’s important to you, then it’s important enough to go on your calendar.
    • We get caught up in the “how?” and self-doubt: Envision the outcome. Imagine … what would that feel like?
    • We forget to acknowledge ourselves: Remember to reward yourself for achieving your goals. Get creative and have fun with this.
    • We set it and forget it: Rewrite your goals once a month. Review your “Focus Goals” daily.
    • We play a small game and play it safe: Share/enroll others in your goals. Telling others will keep you more accountable.

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