Social Media Tools

After writing “Who Cares About Facebook and Twitter?”, “It’s All About Me” in 2009, and giving several talks on the topic of social media, the response was so great that I decided to create this page for you.





The following is a list of my favorite social media resources: (url shortening and tracking)

Hootsuite (One-step posting to all of your favorite social media sites) (The latest social media news)

We Mean Business! TV (Expert interviews on social media)

WordPress (Create your free blog site)

Wisestamp (“Connect with me” buttons for your e-mail signature) (Conversation finder)

Google Analytics (Measure your results)

Google Alerts (Discover where your name and/or company are showing up online)

Tribes, by Seth Godin (How to become a thought leader)

The Zen of Social Media Marketing, by Shama Kabani (How to join the conversation and connect) (Got an idea? Poll your audience first.) (A more modern and engaging survey tool)

EventBrite (Social media-friendly event sharing with built-in tracking)

…and of course, the D2E BLOG