Impeccable Languaging

Customer Experience Tip #1265

Warm up those everyday cold, robotic, and overused phrases with something warmer and more human-centric.

Example One: When looking something up for a customer, instead of asking, “What’s the name?” say, “I’ll be glad to assist. May I have your name?” (It’s not just “a” name … it’s THEIR name.)

Example Two: instead of saying, “Next in line…” how about smiling and saying, “Good morning.” (They’ll know they’re next in line simply be being acknowledged.)

See and feel the difference in these two examples? Minor tweaks — delivered with consistency — can yield major impact.


  1. Art Medici says:

    Today’s tip #1265 is simple and rather elegant. Sometimes I’ll use “Please tell me your name” with a smile when face-to-face.

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