Nationally-Recognized Speaker on Employee and Customer Experience

Planning your company’s next conference, retreat, training, workshop, seminar, panel, or other event?

Audiences rave about Steve’s unique ability to motivate, educate, entertain, and engage your attendees with his highly interactive style.

Since 2006, leaders have been hiring Steve Dorfman to deliver interactive talks that result in:

  • “Employee-owned” remarkable experiences for customers and clients;
  • Consistent referral business, and;
  • Customer loyalty
  • …All of which naturally translates into a strengthened culture and increased profits

Before founding Driven to Excel, Inc...
Steve spent 11 years as a sales consultant for a luxury automaker. Yes, the car business … not exactly a business with a reputation for remarkable customer service. So when Steve entered the business at 23 he was determined to make a positive difference by creating intentional, remarkable, and repeatable client experiences. — More often than not, his unwavering commitment to service resulted in raving fans and increased profits. Steve went on to earn “Salesman of the Year” 7 years in a row, while maintaining a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) rating in the top 1% nationally. He worked by appointment only as his repeat and referral business rocketed to unprecedented levels and ultimately translated into 70% of his sales.

Through his highly interactive facilitations and motivational style…
Steve provides participants with the opportunity to excel in their industries. This is accomplished by first raising awareness around a specific challenge or need, then by helping these participants tap into their own unique abilities. As a result, they discover how to create the impeccable, remarkable client experiences that generate more repeat and referral business, thus increasing profitability.

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Speaking Topics

Client Loyalty = Profitability Impeccability
Discover how to create the remarkable customer experiences that generate the raving fans who are responsible for increasing your revenue by way of their loyalty … and the business they refer.

​Anticipating Customer Needs Anticipating Customer Needs
​Go beyond meeting or responding to the needs of your customers — Engineer customer experiences that exceed their expectations and demonstrate that you know them … leaving them feeling completely taken care of, and as if you’ve thought of everything.

Today’s Top 9 Customer Experience (CX) Imperatives CX Trends
Many of the smartest (and most profitable) companies have been paying attention to CX trends and making much-needed adjustments – some minor and some major – both of which will be highlighted during this interactive and eye-opening presentation.

Leading a Team of Customer Experience Superheroes
It’s rare to employ those whom you trust to “act like an owner.” Heck, sometimes owners and leaders don’t even act accordingly when it comes to creating proper customer experiences. Yet in today’s economy, one of the only proven methods of sustainability and growth is doing just that … intentionally and consistently crafting remarkable and memorable experiences for your prospects, customers, clients … AND your employees.

Modern Communication
Yes, leadership tools of the 21st century have made us more efficient, but at what cost? Do you feel we’re making positive (or negative) strides as communicators?

  • Replace tired & trite cliches with “Power Words & Phrases”
  • Communicate effectively … not just efficiently
  • Demonstrate integrity and humanness to build trust & rapport

Dominant Buying Motive One-Sheet for "Dominant Buying Motive"
Are you uncovering what matters most to each client, and subsequently tailoring your approach for them? Once you learn how to “broadcast” on their “channel,” making a friend and closing that deal becomes nearly effortless.



Live: 60-minute and 90-minute live presentations are audience favorites — your investment will range between $6,500 – 8,500*, depending on a few variables including location, duration, allotted Q&A time (recommended), and number of attendees. (*Travel/food/lodging expenses additional for events outside of the Washington, DC Metro area.)

Virtual: 60-minute and 90-minute virtual presentations are audience favorites, as well — your investment will range between $3,500 – 5,500, depending on a few variables including duration, allotted Q&A time (recommended), and number of attendees.

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