What kind of customer experience is your team delivering?

You have a set of challenges and you’re not alone. You’d really like for your staff to deliver a more predictable, consistent experience for your customers and this would be a proud accomplishment (and it would surely drive profitability via repeat and referral business), but you feel that you’ve already tried everything and you’re just exhausted. There’s hope…

You’ve tried everything, right?
Good people are just hard to find, right? Your customer experience is lackluster, but that’s pretty average for your industry, right? If only you had a better hiring process, or — better yet — if only you could start all over again and hire all new people! That would solve everything, right?

Through his highly interactive facilitations and motivational training style…
Steve gives your employees a voice and a hands-on experience that reinvigorates. His training style is based on the fundamental principle that your people will support what they help to create. Steve’s proven training formula begins by raising awareness around specific challenges and needs that exist within your customers’ experience, then helping your staff tap into their own unique abilities — through facilitated conversations — to address those customer needs.

As a result, your employees will…
Discover how to anticipate client needs, deliver with consistency, actively listen to customers, engage meaningfully, demonstrate care, and ultimately create the impeccable, remarkable experiences that keep customers returning and excitedly telling others about you and your company.

Since 2006, clients have come to Steve Dorfman to…
Motivate, educate, engage, and develop their staff with interactive trainings and continuous development programs that result in:

  • “Employee-owned” remarkable experiences for customers and clients;
  • Consistent referral business, and;
  • Repeat customer loyalty
  • …All of which translates into a strengthened culture and increased profits

Interactive Training means: “Your people will support what they help to create.”

Effective training is not about trying to create buy-in — instead, it’s about fostering ownership.

… AND business owners and staff members alike really enjoy the organic team building that is built into each customized training. (CLICK HERE for an example from a previous client)

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Popular Training Topics*

Anticipating Customer Needs
In order to truly differentiate yourselves today, it’s no longer enough to simply meet, respond, or even exceed customer needs … you must become proficient at anticipating the needs of your customers and proactively addressing those needs. Responding is expected, but anticipation requires innovation.

Turning Prospects into Advocates
According to Gallup, the four levels of customer expectations are 1) Accuracy; 2) Availability; 3) Partnership; 4) Advice/Learning – Helping your team to develop the best practices that are designed to generate customers for life, and the raving fans who produce 80% – 90% of your referral business.

Impeccability: How to Create Remarkable Customer Experiences, Raving Fans and Increased Profits
Discover how to create the remarkable customer experiences that generate the raving fans who are responsible for increasing your profits.

Dominant Buying Motive
Are you uncovering what matters most to each client? Once you learn how to “broadcast” on their “channel,” closing the deal becomes effortless.

Creating The Customer Experience
More than your products or services, your customers are buying an experience. Instead of leaving it to chance, why not engineer that experience?

Service Recovery
When the ball gets dropped and a customer or client feels let down by your firm, this immediately becomes a moment of truth. Occasional slip-ups are okay, provided you have an impeccable recovery process in place. Let’s proactively tailor yours together.

Clicking with More Clients and Customers
What has you click with certain people … and not others? Discover how to click to build powerful relationships with (even the most difficult) clients.

Managing Your Customer’s 3 Emotional Hot Buttons
Become an expert at making others feel smart, important and valued.

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Discovery session, preliminary staff interviews, and a comprehensive leadership debrief are always included.

Half-day and full-day workshops are client favorites — your investment will range between $6,500 – 14,500, depending on a few variables including location, duration, supplemental participant materials and number of attendees. (Travel/food/lodging expenses additional for events outside of the Washington, DC Metro area.)


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*Source: Bain & Co.