Why Impeccability?

 “An impeccable customer experience requires intentional balance, combining down-to-earth friendliness and approachability with customer-centered professionalism.” ~Steve Dorfman
Impeccability: How to Create Remarkable Experiences, Raving Fans & Increased Profits

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You can think of impeccability as an expression of the highest levels of precision and care, intersecting with one another.

In the context of the customer (client/patient/member/user/guest) experience, it’s about setting a standard for remarkable and exceptional behavior and committing to never compromise that standard … even when others around you are compromising theirs.



More than a product or a service, your customers are buying an experience…

Intentional Client ExperienceThe most sustainable path to increasing your profits is to increase your number of repeat and referral clients…


Your raving fans are responsible for *80-90% of your referral business.


So how do you create more of those raving fans? You become more deliberate about engineering consistently remarkable experiences for your customers & clients.


…And these remarkable experiences are fostered inside a culture of IMPECCABILITY.


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“Impeccable” is a trait and — oftentimes — a trait communicates so much more than the word that describes it. An impeccable culture could communicate:


  • You operate with integrity

  • You’re interested

  • You’re masters of your craft

  • You manage client expectations

  • You operate with precision

  • You’re professional

  • You’re engaged

  • You’re connected

  • You care

  • You’re committed

  • You’re consistent

  • You’re available

  • You’re aware

  • You’re able to anticipate the needs of your clients

  • You’re “Best in Class

  • You listen

  • You eliminate distractions

  • You engineer experiences that exceed expectations


*Source: Bain & Co.