Impeccable Rapport

Customer Experience Tip #1679

Find common interests with your prospects, yes. Dominate the conversation as a “Me Monster” … never. Ask thoughtful questions, listen intently, and let them take the stage.

Impeccable Predictability

Customer Experience Tip #1678

“Customers crave consistency. They want to know that their interaction is going to be smooth and effortless, regardless of the situation or stage in the customer journey.” -Jessica Bound, The DiJulius Group

Impeccable Consistency

Customer Experience Tip #1677

Is your business cyclical? Sometimes, we can fall into a state of arrogance when there’s a sudden flow of new business/customers/revenue. Your prospects and customers should receive the same level of kindness and gratitude regardless of how busy or slow you and your team may be.

Impeccable Presence

Customer Experience Tip #1676

Want to be more present for your prospects and customers? Turn off notifications on your smartphone. These tend to serve as constant interruptions and annoying distractions. #ItCanWait

Impeccable Leadership

Customer Experience Tip #1675

Have you been empowered and encouraged to take great care of your customers?

If YES: sounds like you’re in the right place.

If NO: maybe it’s time to find a wiser employer.

Impeccable E-mailing

Customer Experience Tip #1674

No need to template your closing verbiage in an e-mail signature. When every communication says the same thing (e.g., “Best regards,” or “Thank you”) it looks and feels … templated. Instead, take a moment to choose a closing that is most relevant to this customer; in this situation; within this context.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1673

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” –Simon Sinek

Impeccable Integrity

Customer Experience Tip #1672

Do you want your customers and prospects to trust you with “The big stuff?” You must first demonstrate that can come through for them on the small stuff. Make seemingly small promises about follow-up (like a promise to check in on them the following day) … and then keep those promises. #BuildingTrustOverTime #DemonstratingIntegrity

Impeccable Languaging

Customer Experience Tip #1671

Warm it up. When communicating with customers, refer to your coworkers and support staff as teams … not just departments.


I will send this to the service department.” becomes: “I am having our service team look into this for you.”

Let me check with accounting.” becomes: “I will have our accounting team review this and get back to you by Thursday.”


Impeccable Focus

Customer Experience Tip #1670

When a customer is “venting” about their less-than-favorable experience with your team, don’t let your mind wander so much to those who dropped the ball that you spend all of your energy and focus (and anger) there. You’ll risk what matters most: What your customer needs in that moment is great listening, a possible solution, and — perhaps most importantly — an apology.