Impeccable Hiring

Customer Experience Tip #1360

“Great customer service relies on good listening. You want your team to hear what customers are saying, and respond accordingly. When interviewing candidates, look for signs of active listening: They make eye contact, take a few moments before responding, ask thoughtful questions for clarification, and demonstrate empathy and understanding.” –Endri Hasanaj, CustomerThink

Impeccable Relations

Customer Experience Tip #1359

You’ve likely heard the expression, “Meet them where they are.” In terms of customer experience, acknowledge their particular stage in the process as well as their comfort level and acquired knowledge. Avoid moving too quickly (ahead of “where they are”) or too slowly (behind “where they are”).

Impeccable Support

Customer Experience Tip #1358

Find ways to be helpful to your customers and clients. There’s not enough of this in the world. They will eventually reward you with their loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Impeccable Differentiator

Customer Experience Tip #1357

You know what your competition is likely lacking? Patience and kindness with customers and prospects. Get good at this. It’s a worthwhile investment that carries a strong likelihood of setting you apart from the rest.

Impeccable Silence

Customer Experience Tip #1356

“…when dealing with a wrong customer never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth closed. Many problems are caused when you chime in when you shouldn’t!! So if you have a doubt whether what you’ll say will make things better, better to be safe and wait before saying something, than to say something that escalates everything to another level!”

–Rommel Anacan

Impeccable Advice

Customer Experience Tip #1355

Your customers and clients love receiving your “pro tips.” Teach them something about your product/service that they might never discover without your expert guidance.

Impeccable Telephoning

Customer Experience Tip #1354

“I enjoy being placed on speakerphone,” said no customer ever.

Impeccable Wisdom

Customer Experience Tip #1353

Knowing how and when to apologize is critical, but if that’s all you ever do in the eyes of your customer they will eventually grow tired of it. Stop addressing the symptoms and revisit your processes to overcome the root problems of what you are constantly having to apologize for.

Impeccable Grace

Customer Experience Tip #1352

You can never, ever argue with a customer. And your face (and/or voicetone) can never show your anger/frustration. Let it go. Reach for resolution. Be kind. Yes, mean people suck. Take the high road.

Impeccable Investment

Customer Experience Tip #1351

“Just like any relationship, you have to put in the effort to make consumer advocacy work. As your consumers continue to have increasingly positive experiences with your brand, they will become loyal advocates who speak up for you, share your content, influence others, and generate leads.” –Shauntle Barley, Sprinklr