Impeccable Communication

Customer Experience Tip #1494

Try to avoid making blanket statements (written or verbal) that will leave your customers wondering if they are among those affected by a more exhaustive and/or longer process due to unique circumstances … or whether they are (hopefully) the exception. Instead, personalize your announcements and responses whenever possible.

Impeccable Attitude

Customer Experience Tip #1493

The best way to hide your customer frustrations is to not have them in the first place; let them go altogether. Such frustrations do not serve the customer, your coworkers … or you.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1492

How many (more) of your customers will have to endure a lackluster experience before you let that ‘bad apple’ go; that misfit employee who can’t help but undermine the customer experience? Not every employee is a perfect fit for your culture, especially when you’re completely committed to providing exceptional service and remarkable experiences.

Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #1491

“If your business is over 5 years old, your customers’ needs have changed. The question is, do you know how?” –Bob London

Impeccable Reactions

Customer Experience Tip #1490

How do you react when a customer thinks up a solution that you (embarrassingly enough) didn’t think up first? Don’t let your ego run the show. Instead, simply swallow your pride and say/admit, “That’s a great idea. Candidly, I wish I’d thought of it but I’m really glad YOU did.”

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1489

Customer apologies are not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it takes a strong person to offer up a genuine apology. Apologies are rare because the strength and willingness to take responsibility is rare.

Impeccable Mindset

Customer Experience Tip #1488

Your prospects and customers – whether they realize it or not – are more interested a great experience than a great transaction. Transactions are for toll booths.

Impeccable Values

Customer Experience Tip #1487

Take a look at your company’s core values. If you haven’t formally declared a commitment to remarkable customer experiences, then you shouldn’t be surprised when seeing inconsistencies and/or a lack of genuine customer focus.

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1486

“Just make sure that when you do what you do … you give people eye contact, ‘cause people want to be seen. Make sure you smile, ‘cause people want to know you’re happy to see them.” –Danny Meyer, Setting the Table

Impeccable Impressions

Customer Experience Tip #1485

When you’re in plain view of customers, they are interested and listening to your conversations with coworkers and they are watching your body language. When it comes to your energy and attitude, people pick up on way more than you might believe they do … even from a distance.