Impeccable Delivery

Customer Experience Tip #1565

Without sacrificing quality, try to do most everything in less time than what was promised. Your competition is likely doing the opposite of this.

Impeccable Guidance

Customer Experience Tip #1564

Remember to exercise patience when explaining things to your customers. You may know your stuff extremely well, but that customer does not. They need not only your guidance, but your caring patience as well.

Impeccable Thought Exercise

Customer Experience Tip #1563

“What is the gap between the needs and wants of customers and what they actually experience?” –McKinsey & Company

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1562

When you’re engaged with a customer, remain fully engaged and focused on them. Nothing is more important to that person (or implies as much) as your undivided attention and caring focus.

Impeccable Engagement

Customer Experience Tip #1561

When your gut is telling you that something may be “off” in that customer’s experience, don’t bury your head in the sand and hope for the best. That is not an effective strategy. If you believe that customer isn’t unhappy just because they haven’t said anything, you’re possibly making a big mistake. By checking in, you may wind up saving the relationship. At the very least, you’ll be demonstrating that you care. #NothingToLose

Impeccable Investment

Customer Experience Tip #1560

Other than pricing, what’s the #1 reason a customer might leave you/your company? It almost always comes back to their experience. By investing in their experience, you are investing in their loyalty.

Impeccable Recovery

Customer Experience Tip #1559

Struggling with choosing a solution that will “make things right” for that client. Here’s an idea: Ask the client.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1558

“When you ask your team members to deliver a great customer experience, you’re asking them to take care of a stranger. And only a certain type of customer-centric DNA can do that day over day, week over week, year over year.” –Michel Falcon

Impeccable Alignment

Customer Experience Tip #1557

When a company’s leaders value and invest in the customer experience, the company becomes more attractive not only to customers, but to its (ideal) employees and the (ideal) job seekers as well.

Impeccable Perspective

Customer Experience Tip #1556

Are you nervous about calling that client? If so, then your focus is on … you. In other words, nervousness is selfish energy. Place your focus on that client and your desired outcome for them, and watch that nervousness dissipate.