• As you grow your company, is the Customer Experience improving … or declining?

• Does your team struggle with taking customers and clients from just “satisfied” to “raving fan?”

• Are you losing out on repeat and referral business because of an underwhelming Customer Experience?

• Is your Customer Experience intentional … or left to chance?

…and when it comes to engaging your staff, have you found that it’s:
Hard to be a prophet in your own land?

The secret to capturing market share is to design a consistently remarkable customer experience.

Steve Dorfman serves as trusted adviser (CXO (Chief Customer eXperience Officer)) for you and your executive team as you forge ahead together, leading others in creating and evolving your custom-tailored Impeccable Customer Service Culture.

A Message from Steve…

Your customers are passive
Today, creating satisfied customers won’t necessarily help you grow your business. Creating satisfied customers doesn’t even guarantee you’ll surpass your competition. In fact, “satisfied” has become passé. Surprised by all of this?

If your company is like most, then the bulk of your customers are passive. And passive customers won’t just leave you for something better … they’ll leave you for something different.

It begins with an awareness
Employees of — even some of the best companies — are operating at a level of unconscious competence. This means they’re doing many things well and occasionally making a positive contribution to the customer experience, but they couldn’t necessarily tell you what those things are.

As you might imagine, this is a very dangerous place to be. If your front-line people (a.k.a., the “face” of your organization) are not conscious and aware of exactly how they are positively impacting the customer experience, then this favorable behavior is not predictable, repeatable, or trainable. After all, how could you possibly systemize that which remains in your blind spots?

Enter The Standard
Imagine a culture that naturally demonstrates the highest levels of precision and care. In the context of your customers’ experience, this is about setting a standard — below which you refuse to go — and committing to never compromise that standard … even when others around you are compromising theirs.

Do you employ a CXO (A Chief Customer eXperience Officer) at your company?
To be clear, this is not another company initiative, it’s a quest. Do you have someone leading your customer experience quest; a customer experience ambassador? Someone who not only has impeccable customer service in his/her own DNA, but is also able to lead the charge, and enlist the entire team in this charge?

…If not, I may be able to fill that spot as your CXO
My promise is to equip you and your team with a new perspective, a fresh level of awareness, the necessary mindset, and actionable insights that are designed to leave your customers feeling 1) As if you’ve thought of everything, and; 2) Completely taken care of. Imagine that for a moment — every one of your customers feeling completely taken care of, and as if you’ve thought of everything. Might that increase your repeat and referral business? Of course it would.

According to management consulting firm Bain & Company, your “promoters” (raving fans; most loyal customers) aren’t just likely to return and spend more money with you, they are also responsible for 80 to 90 percent of your referral business.

Few investments are as worthwhile
“Customer Service” is a tired and often myopic mindset that is now being eclipsed by the more holistic, journey-based approach of, “Customer Experience.” Companies like Disney, Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Starbucks, Apple, and The Ritz-Carlton have long known the benefits of investing in the overarching customer experience. And while profitable, the return on this investment is more than monetary.

Think of your quest toward an impeccable customer experience as an investment in your company’s internal culture, as well as its external brand. You see, happy customers tend to generate happy employees. And happy employees tend to generate happy customers. And ‘round and ‘round it goes.

Call or e-mail today, and we’ll discuss whether I can be of support. I’m not the perfect fit for every company. In fact, I’m typically able to help about half of the people I meet with. So let’s have a conversation and — together — figure out which half you’re in. I look forward to connecting with you.

Steve’s clients benefit from ongoing support, including:

  • Coaching your managers on how to have their team feel valued, thus promoting creativity, loyalty, and a better overall customer experience
  • Designing & directing customer-centric video content (for culture sharing, onboarding, & lead generation)
  • Facilitating the team conversations that drive “employee-owned” customer experience enhancements
  • Implementing the best practices that are designed to generate more repeat & referral business
  • Enrolling team members in “Sharing The Impeccable Customer Service Vision”
  • Appointing & leading a team of internal Customer Experience ambassadors
  • Serve as “Voice of the Customer” during those important leadership meetings
  • Developing your “Impeccable Customer Experience Culture”
  • Customer-centric hiring and onboarding programs
  • Formal measurement of customer loyalty
  • Real-time customer service recovery
  • Impeccability Audit / Assessment
  • One-on-one leadership coaching
  • Customer touch-point mapping
  • Online reputation management
  • Interactive workshops