Impeccable Intentions

Customer Experience Tip #1659

“If you’re doing it for them, you’ll be fine. If you’re doing it for you, that could be problematic at a certain point–because they’ll know it. They’ll feel it. And they won’t like it.” –Jerry Seinfeld

Impeccable Positivity

Customer Experience Tip #1658

If you are happy with your company/employer, then it’s a good idea to occasionally weave examples of this into customer conversations. People want to work with people who appreciate their job; like where they work; and speak highly of their cohorts.

Impeccable Requests

Customer Experience Tip #1657

Do you want that happy customer to write a positive online review for you? Ask them if they would be “willing to post a couple of quick sentences about their experience.” #JustAsk

Impeccable Partnership

Customer Experience Tip #1656

People want to feel that all departments play well together and present a unified front. Demonstrating partnership with your customers and clients begins by exercising (and demonstrating) partnership with those inside of your organization.

Impeccable Attitude

Customer Experience Tip #1655

You might have an outstanding product, but if you’re arrogant about it that will often be enough reason for your customer to say, no. People like to do business with people they like.

Impeccable Humanity

Customer Experience Tip #1654

“…there’s something to be said about the times we’re living in. We’re finding that the more high-tech we get, the more humanity we need.” –Jeanne Bliss

Impeccable Texting

Customer Experience Tip #1653

When you receive a customer’s text message, be sure you’re seeing ALL of it before you respond. Sometimes there are two or more separate messages in a row. Don’t make the mistake of only seeing (and only responding to) the most recent one.

Impeccable Culture

Customer Experience Tip #1652

You have expectations of your staff when it comes to customer experience. It’s not enough to communicate those expectations, you must OVER communicate them if you expect them to take root. This is a conversation that must be kept alive.

Impeccable Perception

Customer Experience Tip #1651

Prospective customers want to know they’re working with a large enough company that it’s expert and stable, but a small enough company within which they can have and maintain personal relationships and connections. If this is who you are, find a way to communicate it upfront as a competitive advantage. Tip: human-to-human conversations work best for this.

Impeccable Recovery

Customer Experience Tip #1650

Ever say, “We don’t have other customers experiencing this type of challenge,” or “I don’t normally get complaints about your salesperson?” When a customer has a complaint and you’re calling to recover and make things right, you mustn’t say anything that could be construed as defensive or in-denial. These types of statements might make you feel better, but know that it only takes away from any intended sense of partnership you’re hoping to establish for this recovery.