Impeccable Customer Service Tip #2

A can-do approach includes never telling a client about some special or promotion they “just missed” or something great that your company “used to offer.”


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  1. I cannot imagine any client standing for a sales person telling them, “you just missed our best deal.” Even if we just lowered our bank rates, I will still honor the previous rate for a client.

  2. impeccability takes everything we do to the next level. a “can-do” approach also says: “will do” — i WILL DO whatever it takes to make sure my customer has an impeccable experience. thanks, chief impeccability officer.

  3. @Masoud: clearly, you don’t need this lesson — you’re a rock star.

    @ritzya: I really like that: Can-do = Will-do

    Thanks to both of you for sharing your valuable thoughts!

  4. John Linderman says

    “”Can do + “Will do” = “I will” (support your business from your customers/clients).

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