Impeccable Recovery

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #23

Impeccable Client Service Recovery:

Oftentimes when you simply *ask* a customer what it will take to make things right, their proposed solution will require less time/money/energy than you were prepared to spend.



  1. WE often approach a problem situation with our version of what makes it “right” for the guest…great point, just ask them…whatever their answer TRULY strikes at the point of emotion that they need to feel better.

  2. That is so true because one time someone asked me that & all I said was that I wanted the item replaced. I didn’t mention the shipping charges I paid for, & the hassle it caused me to lose productivity @ work.

  3. what i love about this impeccable tip is that it gives the client the exact solution that will make them happy, not what i think. no guessing. it also gives me an opportunity to go the extra mile. for instance, in dan’s example above, the company could have then offered to pay for shipping and that would have been going above and beyond his expectations. it’s linked to the underpromise/overdeliver idea. happy client. end of story.

  4. @Chef Tony: excellent point — it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

    @Dan: Great example.

    @ritzya: Yes! You give them what they want … and then some!

    Love it!


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  2. […] When things go awry, saying to your customer, “This has never happened before!” isn’t wise. Telling them that they’re the only one who has ever been affected like this isn’t going to make them feel any better … in fact, it will likely make them feel worse, or unlucky at best. Instead, empathize with their situation and move quickly into recovery mode. […]

  3. […] When you or your company drops the ball and it’s an anomaly, you might find yourself feeling compelled to tell the customer exactly that. It usually sounds something like, “This has never happened before.” Don’t say that. It only makes the customer feel worse; alone in their pain; incredibly unlucky. Instead, you might say, “While we’re all human and mistakes may occur, these kinds of things don’t typically happen around here and we’re prepared to make it right.” […]

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