Slip-Ups are OK

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #35

Impeccable Recovery:

Occasional slip-ups are okay, provided you have an impeccable recovery process in place.

And, as it turns out, impeccable recovery stories garner even more attention than “plain old” positive experience stories.



  1. Yesterday I wanted to listen to my favorite talk radio show when their Engineer didn’t show up! Us fans were miffed, to say the least so all we got was a rerun from the previous day. Wasn’t until almost an hour later they went live w/a new show. Then, the host decided to exploit & embrace the fact that their audio engineer was on another gig & proceeded with a public flogging! Hilarious, honest, & just makes me want to listen to the show even more because it brought me closer to them. It made me realize that hey, they’re human too! They have crazy lives, multiple gigs, & sometimes sh*t happens!


  1. […] They’d remember the names of their regulars. And when things go sideways, staff would go into service recovery mode, displaying a sense of ownership and empowerment to quickly make things right. You might ask […]

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