Impeccable Approachability

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #65

Have your front-line team treat recurring customer questions like “new” questions. Even if you’re answering the same question you’ve answered a thousand times before, let the customer feel like they were the first:

1) wait for them to finish asking it; 2) clearly provide a complete answer (without rushing) and; 3) do so with genuine care and an excitement to assist..


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  1. So very true. I recently called upon a new doctor and the receptionist was very rushed and would not allow me to fully ask my questions. She was so rushed that she sent an email with instructions and forms instead of communicating with me on the phone. I nearly cancelled the appointment. My hope was that the doctor was nothing like this. I took a chance and he is delightful. However, upon checking out today, she made me wait while she finished transcribing notes from another patient. I wonder how many others have cancelled or will chose another provider because of her lack luster service?

  2. @Barbara: I’ve noticed that this is such common behavior in doctors’ offices. I believe it’s because many of their offices lack effective leadership.

    The solution is a customer service initiative, supported by an in-house leader (not just a manager, unless of course that manager is also an effective leader of people).

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