Impeccable Consistency

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #279

If you’re going to make it a standard practice to announce the day/date on your voicemail greeting, commit to changing it every single day, otherwise it simply appears stale and ineffective. A fresh and accurate greeting implies organization, consistency and professionalism while a stale greeting could imply inconsistency, carelessness or possibly even laziness.


  1. I forgive when someone is a day off on their vm occasionally, but I’ve heard a whole week. That’s just laziness. Another poor greeting is when calling a large company and every time you hear, “We are temporarily experiencing a high call volume.” It doesn’t matter if you call right when they open or in the middle of the day. Great post, Steve.

  2. Steve: It wastes my time for a phone greeting to tell me what day it is. I already know. I just want to leave a message. I want to hear who it is to verify that I called the right number, anything else is not necessary. I appreciate a quick voicemail greeting.

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