Impeccable E-mailing

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #635

When closing an e-mail, avoid “canned” closings. It only takes a few additional seconds to create a relevant and personalized closing for each unique recipient (i.e., Talk soon, Looking forward, See you soon, Best regards, Enjoy your weekend, Great to see you today, Thanks again, etc.)




  1. Then what is an example of a canned closing that we should not use?

  2. Great clarifying question, Brittany. By canned, I mean a *one-size-fits-all* closing that sometimes even shows up in a different color and font as compared to the body of the message. Does this help clarify the spirit of today’s tip?

  3. It’s an interesting point Steve. In the presentation world I always refer to finishing a presentation by, “Sticking your landing.” In a sense, you are suggesting sticking the landing of an email. Smart advice!

  4. Rob, I love the analogy … and the metaphor.

  5. Steve I do struggle with that. Any suggestions would be fabulous.
    Mine is…

    All the best,

  6. Robin, I’m realizing I could have been more clear. My suggestions are listed in the above tip. I think that “All the best” is great for many situations.

    By the way, we should all stay away from a template signature block that INCLUDES a closing — seeing an obviously canned “Thank you,” (especially when it’s in a different font and color) certainly doesn’t feel warm or personalized.

  7. Interesting as I read those tips as you referring to those as canned and wondered what you thought might be different. All of those feel warm to me as long as they make sense in the context.

    I read it incorrectly.

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