Impeccable Awareness

Customer Experience Tip #907

Remember, your customers and clients should be doing most of the talking. Your job is to be genuinely curious and ask thoughtful questions. If you ever see them glancing at their watch or phone, looking away or down, yawning, or physically moving away from you, it’s probably a sign that you’ve been talking too long; you’ve lost them. Quick, ask another question … and listen!




  1. This is great advice Steve!

  2. Excellent point, and body language as we know is big… unknown many times to the listener,it sends a lot of signals…

    and maybe a good mention here Steve is that stat on non verbal communication? You know it best…

  3. Thanks, Dede.

    Yes, Tony. Others look for congruence between our body language (55%), words (7%), and voice tone (38%). The percentages are the weight each one carries, specifically as it pertains to “The likability factor.” (UCLA study)

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