Spring Forward 2019

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Remember to set your clocks FORWARD one hour, this Saturday night before bedtime.

*Also, remember that this is a great time to:

– Soon change ceiling fans to “summer mode” for cool circulation (counter-clockwise blade rotation)
– Replace the batteries in smoke/gas detectors
– Turn and/or flip your mattresses for more even wear



*As recommended by the product manufacturers


  1. I appreciate the reminder, especially about batteries.

  2. Bill Dean says

    Thanks Steve!
    Thought of you when TV reminded us about clock change ….
    I was hoping to get your reminder!
    I miss your “dailies”.
    (AND your salesmanship at Rosenthal Acura)

    Thanks again,
    Bill Dean

  3. Steve Dorfman says

    Funny, Sally, I recently replaced my units with new ones that have 10-yr batteries.

  4. Steve Dorfman says

    Thanks, Bill, the tips (“Dailies”) will soon return. Always great to hear from you.

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