3 Top Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

You’re Interviewing Them, Too… 

I’ve conducted countless job interviews over the years and I’m still amazed at how many mistakes are made by most job applicants.

Put yourself in the shoes of your interviewer for just a moment. Let’s set the stage:

As someone conducting a job search, although you’d love for the process to be predictable and efficient, most applicants do a great job of filling the process with unexpectedness, a lack of integrity and even the absence of professionalism. For example, people are sending you generic cover letters and resumes with typos, bad grammar and inconsistent tense, taking too long to reply to e-mails, no-showing or showing up late for interviews, arriving inappropriately dressed … and the list goes on.

The list of glaring mistakes is so long, in fact, that we’ll just have to stick to what I find to be the top 3. Let’s count them down and discover how to follow a few avoidance tactics: [Read more…]