Lessons from Mom and Dad

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September 24, 2011

“Your life can be a stepping stone for your children to do greater things or it can be a stumbling block that causes them to struggle and live in mediocrity.” –Joel Osteen

We all have a mom and dad. Some of us are even fortunate enough to feel proud of them. If you fall into that category, do you think of your parents as leaders?

My friend, Lowell Nerenberg – an executive leadership coach in the DC area – blogged about the notion (fact, really) that we’re never not leading. This is especially apparent with parents. Many of us look up to our parents, learn about life from them and … perhaps even spend a lifetime seeking their approval. Entering my 41st year as Marvin and Sharyn Dorfman’s son, I’m especially conscious of the multitude of positive examples my parents have set for me, my brother Rich, sister Jodi and countless others who’ve been fortunate enough to know them through the years.

It’s easy – especially when it comes to immediate family – to find and focus on what’s “broken,” wrong, or that which simply drives us crazy. However, [Read more…]