Does Online Video Matter for You?

Leveraging Online Video for Business (Part 2)

Good for you! You’ve chosen to look at leveraging online video for business. So what’s next? Where to begin?

Well, here are 6 quick tips on strategy and best practices…

1. K.I.S.S.²

  • Keep it SimpleFlip Camera

There are a number of easy-to-use cameras on the market. I chose The Flip – not only is it super easy to use, with only 7 buttons and a built-in, flip-out USB connection for your computer, but the video and sound quality are excellent. (When, instead, you decide on wanting a professional to do the taping and editing, contact me. I’ll have some referrals for you.)

  • Keep it Short

As I mentioned in “Part 1,” it seems we all suffer from A.D.D. when we’re sitting at our computers. Before hitting the play button, most of us will look to see how much time we’ll have to commit to watching a video. So keep it short. Anything under 2 minutes seems to be perfect. I do recommend an extended version for those who decide they want to see more of you. Aim for 5 to 10 minutes for the longer version (Note: YouTube limits your uploads to 15 minutes in length.)

2. Be You … Times 5

You can’t fake authenticity. Instead of trying to be someone you’re not, simply embrace the real you. Not everyone is going to “connect” with you and that’s OK. Wouldn’t you rather do business with [Read more…]