What was I thinking?

What are you allowing in?

Do you have thoughts … or do your thoughts have you?

I invite you to consider what you are currently filling your head with; allowing in. Is it useless morning deejay chatter; shock-jock banter; political chitchat; water-cooler gossip; sports updates; constantly negative news; death metal? (That’s a type of music, by the way.)

Consider the types of thoughts that are conjured up as a result of allowing these types of things into your head — are those thoughts useful; powerful; inspiring; joyful?

What was I thinking?

Thoughts drive results

We experience 60,000 thoughts a day — more than having thoughts, it often seems that our thoughts have us. These thoughts are a direct result of what we are allowing in.

Aren’t we all looking for results?
Results <—– Actions
Actions <—– Decisions
Decisions <—– Thoughts

Results are a product of your actions … actions are the product of your decisions … and thoughts are what drive your decisions.

So isn’t it safe to say that your thoughts are ultimately driving your results?

Be selective about what you are allowing in.

You are either growing or you’re dying. Some of the healthiest and wealthiest seasoned professionals will tell you that their constant yearning for ongoing growth, learning and discovery is their secret to success and longevity.

As bestselling author Dan Pink says, our default setting as human beings is to be active and engaged — just look at any 2- to 4-year old. Somewhere along the way, many of us choose to unplug; tune out; go unconscious; follow, rather than lead.

SO … Let yourself experience: things that make you happy; things that inspire you; things that are new and exciting; things that promote learning and growth.
…and then pay it forward — share your new knowledge — we teach what we need to learn.

U Rock! Pay it forward

We teach what we need to learn


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