Creating The Experience

Are they buying a product, service, or … an experience?

Clyde's Tower Oaks Lodge, RockvilleThis Rockville, Md. restaurant is busy … even on the “slowest” night of the week

I’ve lived in the same area for nearly 38 years and had never known about a particular road in Rockville until Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge opened up. It’s completely off the beaten path and although located among office buildings, feels like a ski lodge tucked away in a vacation hotspot. The entrance to the property – a beautiful custom designed wooden archway that guides you onto the year-round porch from the complimentary valet parking stop – sets the tone. The well-manicured grounds are home to a pond complete with waterfall and misty fog. To enter the restaurant’s grand lobby, you pull on a custom-carved tree branch door handle. Opening off the lobby are several dining rooms and two spacious bars. This place has it all – consistently great food, knowledgeable service and a friendly atmosphere. The staff here truly creates a memorable experience; and the restaurant is always busy – even on Monday nights!

But you don’t have to spend millions of dollars, like the owners of Clyde’s have, to create a unique customer experience. Take, for example, [Read more…]