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Like many, we lost power during a recent DC area snow storm. My neighbor, Bill, has 4 wheel drive and was nice enough to drop us off at my parents’ home just two miles away … they had power. When we got there, I grabbed my Dad’s snow shovel and was discouraged before I even began moving any snow. This shovel had a steel core, which made it extremely heavy — probably 3-4 times as heavy as mine — and then I quickly found that it wasn’t releasing the snow upon the ol’ lift-‘n’-toss — this made the shovel even heavier. Of course, all I could think about was how much better my shovel was but I’d left it at home and I wasn’t about to call on Bill again for a ride back. I believed my shovel, albeit ten years old, had to be one of the best ever made … until a couple of weeks later when my good friend Masoud came over with his…

This thing [pictured above] was like no shovel I’d ever seen … and worked liked no shovel I’d ever seen. So much for mine.
Anyhow, this all got me thinking…
…about having and using the right/best tools and how these tools can make all the difference. I am always amazed by the new and thoughtful business tools I discover, and the ones that are shared by friends, family and colleagues.
Whether it’s in the form of a snow shovel or a computer tool that helps you schedule lunch meetings, I want the one that:
• Gets the job done in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort
• Is intuitive; fool-proof (“It’s so easy to understand. They’ve thought of everything!”)
• Is high quality and long-lasting
• Is fairly priced (free is nice too)
• Is buzz-worthy (so great that I want everyone to know about it)
So here are a few business tools that I wouldn’t want to be without (in no particular order):
Effortless functionality with high-quality results. Videos posted to your web site, Facebook, YouTube, etc. can help you communicate fully with your clients and prospective clients — in addition to your words and voice tone, they’ll get the most important part of your message … physiology; body language. This particular camera is the most intuitive of all — many others have copied.
Aside from innovative snow shovels, Masoud also taught me about how, “Motion creates e-motion.” Free your hands and walk around your office, or even outdoors. You’ll find that untethering your communication piece will, in turn, untether your creativity and thought.
I keep one in the car and another by the bed — the shower’s a good place, too (yes, they even make water-proof ones specifically for this purpose). Car, bed and shower: These are the three places that great business ideas come to you, right?
People are always recommending great books (and gadgets). I keep my wish list organized on Amazon and usually buy two at a time (free shipping on most orders of $25 or more).
At no charge, Google will give you a local phone number. That number will forward to any/all of your phones and even convert your voicemail messages into text! (with better than 50% accuracy) 😉
Why clutter your mind with (and be looking down at) directions while headed to that important business meeting? This thing even takes voice commands, like, “Find Nearest Gas Station” and even “Find Nearest Coffee Shop!” I’ve loved it for years!
7. Meeting Wizard

This is a recent find. Yesterday, Seth Kahan was organizing a lunch meeting for three of us and turned me onto MeetingWizard.com. If you’ve ever taken part in the whole no-reply/reply-alls that happen as a result of — what should be — such a simple task, you will love this tool.

8. PDA (All-in-One Phone/Calendar/Address Book/etc.)
Did you think I was going to recommend a certain one? That might cause too much controversy among the evangelists (secretly, if I wasn’t married to Sprint, I’d have an iPhone)… but I digress… My former Business Coach, Jim Goldstein, told me to, “Have one and only one capture device.” This was some of the best advice I’ve ever received … and implemented. It’s all-in-one, always by my side, and even syncs up with my computer.
Okay, I’m realizing now that this list paints me as a “Gadget Guy,” and it’s true — I love my gadgets. That said, I have a rule about technology: if it makes life more complicated or difficult, I don’t want it. Be careful with this. A spontaneous purchase can have you missing the point and regretting a decision. Think it through. I once bought an iPod Touch and then later realized, “Wait a minute. Now I’m gonna be carrying around two PDA’s!?! Forget it!” Thank goodness Costco has such a liberal return policy 😉

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  1. Eric Abramson says

    I love this list Steve. Google voice rocks.

  2. Glad I inspire you, pal! It’s pretty cool that most of your list can be added or accessed from your smart phone.

    In 2004, I was working for a brokerage firm in NY and smart phones were just about to become popular. A co-worker told me that they were the waive of the future….man, was he right!

    Thanks for the credit! 😀

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