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Like many, we lost power during a recent DC area snow storm. My neighbor, Bill, has 4 wheel drive and was nice enough to drop us off at my parents’ home just two miles away … they had power. When we got there, I grabbed my Dad’s snow shovel and was discouraged before I even began moving any snow. This shovel had a steel core, which made it extremely heavy — probably 3-4 times as heavy as mine — and then I quickly found that it wasn’t releasing the snow upon the ol’ lift-‘n’-toss — this made the shovel even heavier. Of course, all I could think about was how much better my shovel was but I’d left it at home and I wasn’t about to call on Bill again for a ride back. I believed my shovel, albeit ten years old, had to be one of the best ever made … until a couple of weeks later when my good friend Masoud came over with his…

This thing [pictured above] was like no shovel I’d ever seen … and worked liked no shovel I’d ever seen. So much for mine.
Anyhow, this all got me thinking…
…about having and using the right/best tools and how these tools can make all the difference. I am always amazed by the new and thoughtful business tools I discover, and the ones that are shared by friends, family and colleagues.
Whether it’s in the form of a snow shovel or a computer tool that helps you schedule lunch meetings, I want the one that: [Read more…]