Effortless Entrepreneur

The business strategies that made College Hunks Hauling Junk an overnight success

I hope your summer has been awesome! I’m really excited about this e-mail because it proves the power of following through on a dream.

My good friends Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman (Founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk) are celebrating the official launch of their new book Effortless Entrepreneur in a big BIG way!

What they’re doing is essentially giving away the farm because they really believe in the book and the impact it can have on you. (…and so do I or else I wouldn’t be posting this.)

(By the way, I was so impressed by the list of folks who’ve already endorsed this book and I think you’ll feel the same.)

They’re giving away over $2,000 in free gifts when you decide right now to invest in a personalized autographed copy of their book.

Your special Free gifts include over 12 amazing bonuses from successful entrepreneurs, business gurus, and authors. There is just too much to mention here, so check out all of the amazing FREE bonuses for yourself at http://bit.ly/EffortlessEntrepreneurBook

All *you* need to do to get all these amazing bonuses (valued at over $2,000) is order ONE personalized and autographed copy of their book for just $22.95 at http://bit.ly/EffortlessEntrepreneurBook.  How’s THAT for a win-win celebration?? You buy one personalized autographed book and you get over $2,000 in amazing info!

Not a bad deal! Actually, it’s an incredible deal. They’re incredibly passionate about getting the book out there. And the book is worth far more than all of the bonuses and the $22.95 it costs.

It covers the business strategies that made College Hunks Hauling Junk an overnight success, and reviews the ten business Commandments to building a straightforward, fun and successful business. If this offer isn’t a fit for you, think about whom you might gift it to … or to whom you’d like to simply pass along this offer.

Still unsure?

Founder of Subway, Fred Deluca, said this about their book, “This is the book for anyone who has contemplated starting a business.”

Former Heavyweight Champion George Foreman
(founder of the Foreman Grill) said the following, “Read this book, read, read… If you want to be champ, learn from two of the greatest.”

However, the celebration ends soon!  So the only way you can grab all these free gifts is to order your personalized autographed copy of Effortless Entrepreneur from http://bit.ly/EffortlessEntrepreneurBook today for just $22.95

By the way, if you don’t absolutely love the book, they’ll REFUND 200% of what you spent. You keep the free bonuses as their gift for your trouble.

Go For it!


P.S: Remember, to receive your $2,000+ in free bonuses you must order your personalized autographed copy of the book from www.EffortlessEntrepreneur.com
P.P.S: Remember the book is also a perfect gift for birthdays, graduation, or a student you mentor, etc. www.EffortlessEntrepreneur.com
P.P.P.S: — If you have a mailing list (even if just a small list of family and friends), would you forward this letter to everyone on it today—right now? You would be helping me, and you would of course be helping your family, friends and colleagues. After all, they will get some cool free gifts, too! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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