Impeccable Dilemma

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #89

Impeccable Customer Service Dilemma:

A front-line employee (think hotel clerk or restaurant host) is engaged with an in-person customer and then their desk phone starts ringing … and no other employees are in sight. What should that person do?


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  1. “Please give me just a moment to answer this…”Good evening, XYZ hotel, how may I help you?….Great, just give me a moment to assist another customer and I’ll be glad to assist you.”
    I’m sorry about that, sir, let’s finish our transaction…”

  2. Ken Howard says

    1. Excuse themselves to answer phone.
    2. Answer phone and politely ask caller to hold. If you feel certain that in-person conversation will take significant time, ask for callers name and number so you may call them back.
    3. Finish conversation with in-person client and respond to caller.

  3. Bev Nerenberg says

    I was going to say exactly what Ken Howard said. Would show very poor customer service to each customer if the phone caller gets no answer AND if the in-person customer sees how the caller is treated by ignoring the phone.

  4. What Ken said

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