Impeccable Follow-through and Acknowledgement

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #185

Always “have the last word” in your e-mail communications.


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  1. I agree that acknowledgment is important, but “last word” people can be annoying on email. “Thank you” …”No, thank YOU” … “You’re welcome” … “It was no problem at all.” When does it stop? Sometimes it is important to let the client have the last word. Or just let the OTHER “last word” person have the last word.

  2. Agreed, SVWatson. Acknowledgement is the key. Do what feels right for you.

  3. Thank you, Steve, for mentioning me in your post. I like it when people write about me! 🙂
    I love your message and I see the value in all your examples. I will use this whenever I find the opportunity and it seems right.

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