Impeccable Humility

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #190

Recognize that most people simply vote with their feet … and you never find out where you went wrong; why they “walked out on you.”

Create an open system for feedback (provide the option of anonymity) and thank them genuinely when they take the time to “coach” you on your customer service culture.


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  1. Bev Nerenberg says

    Great tip, Steve. I love the idea of giving customers a chance to “coach” me on my customer service culture (even anonymously). Very powerful perspective. Thanks for all these tips!

  2. My pleasure, Bev.

  3. So true Steve,I usually don’t bring up the issue to the establishment.I just don’t go back AND I’m sure to tell my friends about the experience.

  4. You’re certainly not alone, Rick. I imagine most people either don’t want to “bother” sharing the experience/observations with the establishment/individual and/or feel their concerns won’t be taken seriously anyhow … so why “waste their breath”

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