Customer Service is Not a Department

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #8

Customer service is not a department, it’s a culture.” -Tony Hsieh, Zappos


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  1. This is some serious stuff….I never realized! You should never have to speak to a Customer Service Dept., everyone within a company should be a team member of the CS Dept. Ie: Sprint has a retention dept where they’ll do special things to keep your account. Why don’t they just let everyone do those special things. It would make clients & staff so much happier!

  2. This series has been great! With so much content being pumped to my Inbox lately, I’m grateful for these snippets!

    On the subject, so true. At&t is one of the worst in my experience. We had a Tech here 3times replacing their Modem/Router/Gateway (UVerse)& after we called to cancel, all they tried to do was sell wireless phones to us. I was like, you’re not even gonna try to keep me as a customer for $150/mo uVerse?! They didn’t even care we dropped them.

  3. as we heard @chrisbrogan say yesterday, everyone is in customer service…it’s a simple concept but harder to implement and maintain…making it just the culture period is the key…great quote.

  4. what is true customer service? it’s “going the extra mile”. not some of the time. ALL OF THE TIME. that’s the impeccability factor.

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