Impeccable Attitude

Impeccable Customer Service Tip #52

Impeccable attitude:

It appears that some team members like to begin nearly every sentence with, “The problem is … ” When they’re stuck in the mustard, help them to catch up. Remind them to consider — and even create — what’s possible by asking, “So what are our options?”


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  1. Myron Radio says

    Steve – I get to see a lot of “thoughts of the day”, but yours are Impeccable! Yes they apply to customer service. They also apply to almost every other area of business as well. Keep up the good work my friend!

  2. It was Dan Ford’s famous expression. I guess it is to late now to tell him. What are our options. Good thought for the day STEVE. Please check out my website. Enjoy this wonderful day, we are all Blessed

  3. At your service, Myron 😉

    @Larrry: almost every office has a Dan 😉

  4. I have at least two “Dans” at the office… “the problem is…” and “that’s difficult because…” 🙂

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